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  • Alen Lovrencic University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


40 Years of Publishing in Information and Organizational Sciences

Dear readers,

I am honoured to serve as the Editor of the Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences. I proudly welcome you to the issue that marks the 40th year of continuous publication of the Journal in information and organizational sciences. As such, it has the distinction of one of the longest histories of publication in this field.

The Journal was inaugurated in 1977 as the journal of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics under the title Zbornik radova. As the quality of the Journal grew and the number of foreign authors contributing papers in English increased, it was renamed as Zbornik radova: journal of information and organizational sciences in 1998. Following the changes in the publishing policy which defined that only papers written in English would be accepted for publication, in 2002 its name was changed again into Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences: JIOS. The Journal adopted its current name in 2008.

Today the Journal is referenced in 13 scientific referencing databases, including INSPEC, SCOPUS and EBSCO and is publishing papers by authors from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. It boasts an international review board composed of scientists from all continents and a high quality double-blind review process. In all respects, it is a worldwide recognized scientific journal in the field of information and organizational sciences, and its quality is growing continuously.

In the last 40 years, we have published over 650 scientific and professional papers in the Journal, and, in my humble opinion, have influenced the development of the information and organizational sciences not only in Croatia, but also in Southwest Europe and beyond.

For that I wish to thank all the previous Editors of the Journal: Dr. Ivan Abramović, Prof. Boris Aurer, Prof. Marijan Cingula, Prof. Mirko Čubrilo, Prof. Vesna Dušak, Prof. Benedikt Bojanić-Glavica, Prof. Tihomir Hunjak, Prof. Željko Hutinski, Prof. Slavko Kapustić, Prof. Božidar Kliček, Dr. Franjo Kuhanec, Prof. Ivan Lončar, Prof. Mirko Maleković, Prof. Miodrag Ređep, Prof. Franjo Ruža, Prof. Franjo Šulak, Dr. Stjepo Vojvoda, Prof. Neven Vrček, Prof. Boris Zver and Prof. Miroslav Žugaj; all the scientists from Croatia and abroad who have served as members of the Editorial Board; all the members of the Publishing Board dedicated to continual modernization of the Journal layout; all the reviewers, owing to whose effort the quality of the papers has been maintained and raised; finally, to all authors that have contributed their high quality contemporary papers to the Journal. The current Editor as well as the Advisory, Editorial and Publishing Boards are committed to follow in the footsteps of all the former Editors and Board members who have shaped the Journal’s development and reputation.

In this issue we are delighted to present two original scientific papers, four high quality survey papers and one preliminary communication. The papers cover a wide set of themes from the fields of information and organizational sciences, so I hope that you will enjoy the reading and find it helpful and inspiring for your future research.

Alen Lovrenčić




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