The Elaboration of Strategic Decisions in the Socio-Economic Systems

Anna Alexseevna Khanova, Oleg Miroslavovich Protalinskiy, Kristina Igorevna Averianova


The article deals with socio-economic strategic management, which implemented on the basis of Balanced Scorecard, multidimensional modeling and its set-theoretic representation. The main idea of the article is using of modern information technology to assist in decision-making. Much attention is given to formalization of SCIPEO-modeling and integration of its sub-model. The process of developing of management decisions is considered. The integration of these tools will improve the management of the system in a situation of total or partial indeterminacy


socio-economic system; SCIPEO-modeling; integrated multidimensional domain model

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Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (Online)
ISSN 1846-9418 (online)
ISSN 1846-3312 (print)