Creating adaptive environment for e-learning courses


  • Bozidar Radenkovic Phd
  • Marijana Despotovic Phd
  • Zorica Bogdanovic Msc
  • Dusan Barac BSc


adaptive e-learning content, personalized e-learning, clustering, learner’s characteristics


In this paper we provide an approach to creating adaptive environment for e-learning courses. In the context of e-education, successful adaptation has to be performed upon learners’ characteristics. Currently, modeling and discovering users’ needs, goals, knowledge preferences and motivations is one of the most challenging tasks in e-learning systems that deal with large volumes of information. Primary goal of the research is to perform personalizing of distance education system, according to students’ learning styles. Main steps and requirements in applying business intelligence techniques in process of personalization are identified. In addition, we propose generic model and architecture of an adaptive e-learning system by describing the structure of an adaptive course and exemplify correlations among e-learning course content and different learning styles. Moreover, research that dealt with application of data mining technique in a real e-learning system was carried out. We performed adaptation of our e-learning courses using the results from the research.

Author Biographies

Bozidar Radenkovic, Phd

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Professor

Marijana Despotovic, Phd

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Professor

Zorica Bogdanovic, Msc

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Teaching assistant

Dusan Barac, BSc

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Teaching assistant




How to Cite

B. Radenkovic, M. Despotovic, Z. Bogdanovic, and D. Barac, “Creating adaptive environment for e-learning courses”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 33, no. 1, Jul. 2009.