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  • Neven Vrcek University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


Dear readers,

I am happy  to present you a new  issue of  the Journal of  Information and Organizational Sciences, volume 33, number 1.

JIOS is being increasingly seen as a relevant journal in the field of information sciences and applied information and communication technology. Speaking in favour of this statement is the fact that JIOS has been  included  into several new databases – DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), OAIster and Referativny Žurnal – which is information of interest to all our future authors. At present, we are cited in 7 diferent databases, which signifcantly enhances the visibility of the Journal.

In  this  issue a  selection of 9 original  scientific papers, 3 preliminary communication articles and 1 review paper has been  included, all of which have undergone rigorous double-blind review. Some of the papers published here were already presented at the CECIIS 2008 conference. The papers  in the current  issue cover a broad area of topics, from programming and web related topics, through algorithm and method proposals,  to economics and applied  linguistics. We hope you will find the papers interesting and challenging for your own research.

We encourage you to submit your papers at, where you can also share with us your
recommendations, comments or critical remarks regarding the papers published in previous issues.
Your  papers  and  feedback may  prove  invaluable  in  fulfilling  our  ambitions, which  are  very  high indeed, as we have set out to enter some new databases. We would also appreciate your willingness to become a peer-reviewer for submitted papers, and thus give your contribution to the rising quality of JIOS.


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