From the Editor

  • Alen Lovrenčić University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


Dear readers and authors,

It is the last time I am addressing you as the editor of the Journal. From the next issue the job of the editor will be taken over by Dr. Dijana Oreški. I am sure that the new editor will bring new ideas and new quality to the Journal and that she will keep good praxis that was introduced during my mandate.

In four years I tried to increase the quality of articles and reviews. That opened the door of the Web of Science to the Journal as it is now in the Web of Science Emerging Sources. I am sure that, if Journal only keep the same quality, it will in very short time be in other Web of Science databases, but I am sure that new editor will increase further both main quality parameters mentioned afore.

At the end of my mandate I want to thank all authors who published their articles in the Journal, all reviewers who employ their knowledge to defend the quality of the Journal with their opinions and remarks. My special thanks go to the people who worked hard with me to keep the quality of the Journal in every aspect, people from the publishing board: Bernarda Kos whose participation was crucial in the including the Journal into different scientific bases, Dr. Goran Hajdin who was in charge of technical review and preparation of the papers for the printing, Dr. Marcel Maretić and Dr. Vladimir Kovšca.

In this last issue as the editor I proudly present six original scientific papers from different fields of the information science, and I hope readers will find them interesting and useful to their own research. At the end of this addressing I would like to say to all authors, reviewers and readers that it was an honor to work with you on the promotion of the Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences, and if there were any mistakes in my work I hope you will accept my deep apology.

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