The Current State and Future Perspectives of the Research Information Infrastructure in Croatia

Keywords: Research information infrastructure, Current research information system, CRIS, Common European Research Information Format, CERIF, Croatian research information system, CroRIS, research evaluation


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the existing Croatian research information infrastructure and to outline a new model of the Croatian Current Research Information System (CroRIS), required for the systematical monitoring and evaluation of the research processes and output of the Croatian public research and higher education institutions, as well as for the increasing of their international visibility. Based on the results of the analysis of the existing research information infrastructure in Croatia, the general outline of the new CERIF-based CroRIS model is proposed. The analysis of the existing research information infrastructure showed that there are some functional parts which could be reused and/or used as a basis for the implementation of the proposed CroRIS model. The proposed model represents a concept which would allow a quality decision and science-policy making in Croatia.