From the Editor

  • Neven Vrček University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


Dear readers,

I proudly welcome you to Issue 2 of Volume 33 of the Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences.

Let me remind you that JIOS is published on the two-issues-per-volume basis, with one volume published annually. One issue of the volume is usually dedicated to CECIIS, the international scientific conference organized and hosted by the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. These special issues of JIOS normally contain a selection of best scientific papers presented at the Conference. The second issue is reserved for scientific papers in the fields of information sciences as well as a range of scientific fields related with information sciences, particularly applied ICT in economics and business.

Owing to the efforts of the Editorial Board aimed at including JIOS in a number of relevant databases, JIOS has been steadily increasing its visibility with every new volume. As a result, JIOS is currently being cited in seven databases that cover a variety of scientific topics connected to information sciences, computing and applied ICT.

In this issue you will find a selection of several original scientific papers, two preliminary communications and one review paper. We hope that the variety of themes reflects some of your own research interests, thus making the papers inspirational for your future work.

As in all my letters addressed to the respected readership of JIOS, I would like to use this opportunity to motivate prospective authors among you, dear readers, to submit papers at You are also invited to share with us your comments or critical remarks regarding the papers previously published in the Journal. Your willingness to become a peer-reviewer for submitted papers would be much appreciated as by choosing to do so you would contribute significantly to the rising quality of JIOS.

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