Machine Translation System for the Industry Domain and Croatian Language

  • Ivan Dunđer University of Zagreb
Keywords: statistical machine translation, domain adaptation, automatic quality metrics, human quality evaluation, error classification, Croatian language, information and communication sciences


Machine translation is increasingly becoming a hot research topic in information and communication sciences, computer science and computational linguistics, due to the fact that it enables communication and transferring of meaning across different languages. As the Croatian language can be considered low-resourced in terms of available services and technology, development of new domain-specific machine translation systems is important, especially due to raised interest and needs of industry, academia and everyday users. Machine translation is not perfect, but it is crucial to assure acceptable quality, which is purpose-dependent. In this research, different statistical machine translation systems were built – but one system utilized domain adaptation in particular, with the intention of boosting the output of machine translation. Afterwards, extensive evaluation has been performed – in form of applying several automatic quality metrics and human evaluation with focus on various aspects. Evaluation is done in order to assess the quality of specific machine-translated text.