From the Editor

  • Dijana Oreški


Dear readers,

let me greet you in this challenging times. Lockdown and physical distancing measures in lots of countries required adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) and people urged to deploy digital technologies to enable as normal life as possible. Governments have designed applications and services to help in the fight against COVID-19, to facilitate wide range of services. In such environment, we have learned that future of ICT related research is in interdisciplinary approach and relations with other research domains. That is in the focus of JIOS. Now, more than ever, we will encourage and promote interdisciplinary related information sciences research topics.

In this issue, we are presenting nine original scientific papers dealing with various aspects of information and communication technologies. I believe you will find interesting topics for your research agendas.
Hope that many of you who read the Journal will join us as authors.

Dijana Oreški

Editor's Section