Trends in the Enterprise Resource Planning Market Landscape

Keywords: artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud computing, cloud ERPs, digital disruption, ERP vendor market, Fourth Industrial Revolution, postmodern ERPs


This article provides a brief discussion of ERPs, including how they can be defined, their component parts, and the evolution of technologies since the 1940s. The article then offers a general overview of the current ERP vendor market landscape based on academic journals and industry reports. The article’s methodological approach is a review of both academic literature and industry expert reports, which the author performed to trace trends within the landscape. Results of the analysis demonstrate that the rapidly evolving market landscape dates back at least six decades, and there are many large, longstanding ERP vendors. Yet, opportunities like cloud computing may result in niche products in existing industry players or through start-ups. Nonetheless, technologies such as blockchain are emerging. It remains to be seen how they will impact the ERP market.

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S. Katuu, “Trends in the Enterprise Resource Planning Market Landscape”, JIOS, vol. 45, no. 1, Jun. 2021.