The E-Marketing Strategy Process in the Tourism Industry - Case Study Kosovo and Albania


  • Behrije Ramaj-Desku University‘’Haxhi Zeka’’, Kosovo, Faculty of Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Environment
  • Fatos Ukaj University of Prishtina, Kosovo, Faculty of Economic



E-marketing, strategies, external and internal factors, tourism industry, Kosovo, Albania, Delphi techniques, AHP method, contingency theory


The E-marketing strategy is developed as a process of several stages that need to be well analyzed and constantly reviewed. The first stage of this process is situational analysis (internal and external factors). The research was focused on identifying internal and external factors. The Delphi technique was used in combination with the AHP method to answer the research questions. The research was conducted in three stages, according to the Delphi technique. In order to process the data in all three phases of the research Excel, SPSS, and the AHP-ON system were used. 36 experts of tourism industry from Kosovo and Albania took part in this study. Ranked based on the signinficance, of all factors and sub-factors the following indicated the highest influence: entrepreneurial attitudes and knowledge, management support, customer and supplier relationships, IT cost, competitor identification, competitor analysis, and innovation. Based on the scientific literature and the primary results, the conclusion and recommendations were drawn and a model was proposed by the author based on the contingency theory and the TEO framework.




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B. Ramaj-Desku and F. Ukaj, “The E-Marketing Strategy Process in the Tourism Industry - Case Study Kosovo and Albania”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 45, no. 1, Jun. 2021.