Describing Layered Communication Architecture in SDL Markup Language

Marina Bagic Babac, Marijan Kunštić, Dragan Jevtić


Using Specification and Description Language (SDL) as a formal language for specification of requirements for the complex, real-time and distributed systems involving many concurrent activities, we have come to the idea of making the language independent of platforms and operating systems which may use it. Shortly, we have developed markup version of the SDL language, and named it SDL Markup Language. It is an XML-based version of the SDL-PR (Phrase Representation), an SDL textual notation. We use the language to specify the complex communications protocols, which are used in wide range of layered architectures. We provide the specification from the INRES protocol in SDL-ML.


SDL; SDL Markup Language; XML; Finite State Machine

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Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (Online)
ISSN 1846-9418 (online)
ISSN 1846-3312 (print)