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  • Alen Lovrenčić University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


Dear readers,

As the new editor, in the beginning I would like to thank former editor dr. Dijana Oreški for her efforts to improve the Journal in the quality of the papers, visibility and recognition in the scientific society. This Journal has been continuously published for 43 years, and yet, improvements are possible. Such a tradition demands severity in work and devotion in efforts. And I hope that I will be, as a new editor, on the level for these tasks.

The Journal could not exist without the thoughtful leading, for which I thank all previous editors, without hard work in selecting papers, for which I am thankful to all members, current and previous, of the editorial board, keeping the quality of the papers on the high level, which is the merit of our reviewers, the work on the design and layout of the Journal, which is in the continuous process of improvement, thanks to publishing board. The Journal could not exist without the content, the papers. Therefore, I want to thank all authors that, in 43 years, recognized our Journal as an adequate place to publish their scientific results.

All this work must go on. Therefore, I am proud to present the new issue of the Journal containing 10 high quality papers from the authors from Europe, Asia and Africa. Three continents authors come from justify the status of internationality of the Journal and assure us that we are still on the right track. Among the papers we have seven original scientific papers, two survey papers and one preliminary communication. I hope that readers will enjoy reading this issue and that they will find papers presented in it inspiring for their future research.

Alen Lovrenčić




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