Analytical method of CIM to PIM transformation in Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

  • Martin Kardos University of Zilina, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
  • Matilda Drozdová University of Zilina, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
Keywords: transformation, MDA, CIM, PIM, UML, DFD


Information system’s models on higher level of abstraction have become a daily routine in many software companies. The concept of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) published by standardization body OMG1 since 2001 has become a concept for creation of software applications and information systems. MDA specifies four levels of abstraction: top three levels are created as graphical models and the last one as implementation code model. Many research works of MDA are focusing on the lower levels and transformations between each other. The top level of abstraction, called Computation Independent Model (CIM) and its transformation to the lower level called Platform Independent Model (PIM) is not so extensive research topic. Considering to a great importance and usability of this level in practice of IS2Keywords: transformation, MDA, CIM, PIM, UML, DFD. development now our research activity is focused to this highest level of abstraction – CIM and its possible transformation to the lower PIM level. In this article we are presenting a possible solution of CIM modeling and its analytic method of transformation to PIM.