From the Editor


  • Alen Lovrenčić Faculty of Organization and Informatics


Dear readers,

The Journal is improving, not only in the means of number and quality of the papers published, but in the means of the members of the publishing board and the number of reviewers, and the number of countries that they are coming from, as well as the number of scientific databases the Journal is referenced at, also.

This year we are celebrating 45 years of continuous existence. This is an important jubilee for us, that ensures us that we are still on the right course.

The editing board is also changed, in which way we introduce young scientists, possible future editors into the work of publishing a scientific journal.

The increase of the paper that we are proud to publish is increasing, too. That means that authors recognize us as a relevant journal for publishing their papers. We are thankful for that.

In this issue you can find 15 scientific papers, 10 original scientific 3 survey papers, and 2 preliminary communications, spreading from the field of organizing government systems and e-marketing to computer algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the Journal should be interesting to readers of a wide range of interests. I hope you will find this issue of our Journal interesting, and that you will stay with us in future issues.




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