From the Editor

Neven Vrček


Dear authors, readers and future authors,
I proudly introduce to you a new issue of JIOS, the Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences, volume 34, Issue 2. The Journal’s primary goal is to present current research in the field of information and organizational sciences, as well as on theoretical developments in the fields that impact information, computer and organizational sciences.
The importance of JIOS is rising and it is being increasingly seen as a relevant journal in the eld of information sciences and applied information and communication technology. Speaking in favour of this statement is the fact that JIOS has been included into two new databases: Scopus and EBSCO. We are particularly satised with the Journal’s inclusion in Scopus since it is the largest abstract and citation database containing both peer-reviewed research literature and quality web sources.
In this issue of JIOS a selection of four original scientic papers and one preliminary communication paper have been included that cover the following topics: approach to optical network design using a general heuristic optimization framework (Lackovic, M.), improving e-learning eciency, intelligence and adapted teaching materials (Kalpic, D. & Zuc, J.), online privacy (Mekovec, R.) and social network analysis of Eureka project partnership in Central and South-Eastern European regions (Divjak, B., Peharda P., Begicevic N.). We hope you will nd these papers interesting and challenging for your own research.
I would hereby invite all the interested colleagues to submit a paper and hence contribute to the improvement and development of JIOS. You can submit your papers at, where you can also express your comments, recommendations or critical remarks regarding the papers published in previous issues.

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