Marketing Strategy as Driving Force of Export Performance Small and Medium Enterprises - Case of Kosova


  • Xhelil Bekteshi St. Clement of Ohrid University of Bitola
  • Sevdie Alshiqi University of Prishtina



small and medium enterprises, Kosovo, marketing, price, place, distribution, export, trade


Kosovo’s private sector business is led by small and medium enterprises and shows a crucial role in the economic development and promoting the growth of this sector. Due to the lack of studies in Kosova, related to marketing strategy and export performance, the research aims to explore growth determinants of SMEs in Kosovo by emphasizing exports, revealing the importance of marketing strategy related to the performance of SMEs. Since exporting is becoming more important, it is necessary to understand all the factors that are involved in this booming trade. This research analyses explore the literature dealing with small and medium enterprises' performance to inspect the traditional and modern academic standpoints on estimating the impact of export performance, based on secondary data of five hundred small and medium enterprises, as trade, manufacturing, and services sectors in Kosovo. The data were analysed using both descriptive statistics and inferential techniques, such as logistic regression analysis, and probit model using the SPSS software. Results show a significant linkage of marketing strategy and export performance; managers and policymakers can take some action to improve export performance. On the other hand, the results measure the impact of price, production, promotion and place in export performance incorporate expected future performance. It is argued that enterprises in Kosovo must pay more attention to strategies, and attempt to design and implement better strategies that will be beneficial for developing international trade, especially exports, as one way of trading by SMEs.




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X. Bekteshi and S. Alshiqi, “Marketing Strategy as Driving Force of Export Performance Small and Medium Enterprises - Case of Kosova”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 47, no. 2, Dec. 2023.