Relevancy between Anchor Text and Wikipedia: A Web Search Framework




World Wide Web, Entity Weighting Schema, Data Fusion, Anchor Text, Wikipedia


The overall volume of data available on the Internet is growing rapidly while finding relevant documents is becoming increasingly difficult. Moreover, queries entered by users are unique, unstructured and often ambiguous while the process has changed dramatically from standard query languages that governed by strict syntax rules to unstructured strings. In Web information retrieval, search paradigms used term occurrences to weight document content prior to any boosting stage. PageRank algorithm, for instance, was used integrated techniques to enhance post retrieval document relevancy to adequately compromise the overall process in two stages. Nevertheless, hypertexts in Web have been used for improving the quality of search results for the most common type of queries. Our main premise is that hypertexts play an important role for ranking documents in IR such as margining between user queries and consensus hypertext. We propose a new algorithm that uses term impact technology for compromising hypertext weighting in Web along with Wikipedia for efficiently find most relevant documents among large set of results. Our experimental results showed that Wikipedia could efficiently improve document relevancy rank when combined with hypertexts for exhibit robust and very good short-term process capability.




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F. Al-akashi and D. Inkpen, “Relevancy between Anchor Text and Wikipedia: A Web Search Framework”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 48, no. 1, Jun. 2024.