The Fundamentals of Metaverse: A Review on Types, Components and Opportunities


  • Arief Ramadhan School of Computing, Telkom University, Indonesia
  • Satrio Pradono Suryodiningrat Faculty of Computing and Media Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Irfan Mahendra Information Technology Faculty Nusa Mandiri University, Jakarta, Indonesia



Metaverse, Metaverse fundamentals, Metaverse at a glance, Metaverse concept, Metaverse foundation


The word metaverse is resurfacing and becoming viral after Facebook changed its company name to Meta. A lot of opportunities are offered by the rise of metaverse concept. For example, a library can be presented in the form of metaverse so that visitors do not need to come physically. Metaverse means beyond the universe or in this case beyond our universe. Companies around the world including Microsoft, Facebook, Epic Games, Apple, and Nvidia already invested in the metaverse as a business opportunity, and the top 3 business sectors are technology, education, and finance. Most companies also believe there are many benefits of the metaverse that can overcome the current obstacles om this universe, such as removing the physical limitation to do various activities. This paper will give a fundamental understanding of the metaverse and the opportunity of the metaverse in practice and research in the future. The result of this paper can be a guide for any scholars and practitioners to understand the metaverse starting from the definition to the things that are related to the metaverse.




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Arief Ramadhan, S. Pradono Suryodiningrat, and I. Mahendra, “The Fundamentals of Metaverse: A Review on Types, Components and Opportunities”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 47, no. 1, Jun. 2023.