New Information Technologies in the Development of Digital (Electronic) Democracy in Russia


  • Albina Lolaeva Gorskiy State Agrarian University



democracy, digital democracy, digitalization, Internet, electronic state, scientific and technological progress, information and communication technologies


This study is aimed at solving such a fundamental task as the use of modern information technologies in the development of electronic or digital democracy in Russia, as the main direction of the strategy for supporting democratic institutions and democratic processes and spreading democratic values. E-democracy is the basic foundation of the information society, accumulating a number of traditional and innovative tools that are successfully used in the democratic institutions of the modern state in the regulation of socially significant relations. The development of modern democratic processes is based not so much on public authorities, but on civil society, which is gradually transforming into a digital society. For this reason, the issue of searching for and actively implementing mechanisms that contribute to the development of information technology infrastructures, communication systems, and increasing the information literacy of the population seems to be relevant.




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A. Lolaeva, “New Information Technologies in the Development of Digital (Electronic) Democracy in Russia”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 47, no. 1, Jun. 2023.