Ontology-based knowledge management in service-oriented systems


  • Ana Sasa University of Ljubljana
  • Marjan Krisper University of Ljubljana


knowledge management, ontology, business process, service-oriented architecture


This paper proposes an innovative framework for knowledge management in service-oriented systems. An important novelty of our framework is that it allows for automatic instance level evolution of the knowledge base and that it integrates conceptual level knowledge base evolution with the overall service-oriented system framework. In the paper, we identify several opportunities that have arisen in the field of knowledge management with the wider acceptance of SOA and its technology stack, and we present a framework that addresses these opportunities. We focus on ontology-based knowledge management systems, which have become one of the most important technologies for implementation of knowledge management systems. The framework reduces the required input for knowledge management by knowledge engineers, increases information completeness in the knowledge base and provides a simple way for storing more up-to-date information in the knowledge base.

Author Biographies

Ana Sasa, University of Ljubljana

Ana Šaša received the B.Sc. degree in computer and information science, in 2005, and the Ph.D. degree in information systems and decision making, in 2009, from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
She is currently employed as a researcher at the Information Systems Laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. Her primary research interests include business process modelling and execution, enterprise architectures, knowledge management, service-oriented architectures and decision support systems.

Marjan Krisper, University of Ljubljana

Marjan Krisper received the M.Sc. in information systems engineering from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1977, and the Ph.D. in Expert Systems from University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1989.

He is an Associate Professor, the Chair of Information Science and the Head of Information Systems Laboratory at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science. His research interests include information systems, information systems development methodologies, information systems strategic planning, and electronic business.

Dr. Krisper is a member of Association of Information Systems and a senior member of Project Management Institute Slovenian Chapter.




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A. Sasa and M. Krisper, “Ontology-based knowledge management in service-oriented systems”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 35, no. 1, Jun. 2011.