A Review on Blockchain for Fintech using Zero Trust Architecture


  • Avinash Singh Mahatma Gandhi Central University
  • Vikas Pareek
  • Ashish Sharma




FinTech, security, privacy, cyber security, threats, fraud detection, Internet of things


Financial Technology (FinTech) has sparked widespread interest and is fast spreading. As a result of its continual growth, new terminology in this domain has been introduced. The name 'FinTech' is one such example. This term covers a wide range of practices that are repeatedly used in the financial technology industry. This processes were typically accomplished in careers or organizations to supply required services through the use of information technology-based applications. The word covers a wide range of delicate subjects, including security, privacy, threats, cyberattacks, and others. Several cutting-edge technologies, including those associated with a mobile embedded system, mobile networks, mobile cloud computing, big data, data analytics techniques, and cloud computing, among others, must be mutually integrated for FinTech to thrive. To be approved by its users, this new technology must overcome serious security and privacy flaws. This research gives a thorough analysis of FinTech by discussing the present as well as expected confidentiality and safety problems facing the financial sector to protect FinTech. Finally, it examines potential obstacles to ensuring financial technology application security and privacy.




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Avinash Singh, Vikas Pareek, and Ashish Sharma, “A Review on Blockchain for Fintech using Zero Trust Architecture”, J. inf. organ. sci. (Online), vol. 48, no. 1, Jun. 2024.