• Tihomir Hunjak
  • Nina Begičević


There are different forms of teaching using ICT, and they differ according to the level of technological support, the role and tasks of the participants, the level of students’ participation, the physical location of the participants and their interaction. Distance learning is the common name for the process of obtaining knowledge and skills with the assistance of ICT and other forms of distance study. E-learning is a special form of such teaching. In terms of the teaching materials’ specific qualities, and the recommendation of teaching methods for successful teaching, there are different options for applying e-learning in teaching. E-learning can be used either as an independent form of teaching, or as a support to the already established systems of education, or even as their addition. The problem that is being solved in this paper is the prioritisation of e-learning forms for the specific teaching unit, subject, group of subjects, or the whole teaching programme. All this should be done regarding the context, which is characterised by the quality and innovative teaching, available professionals, equipment, possibility of students’ approach to technology, organization of teaching, and rules and regulations. This problem was solved with the assistance of AHP models developed in the process of group decision making supported by sw TeamEC2000.

Author Biographies

Tihomir Hunjak
University of Zagreb,Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin, Croatia
Nina Begičević
University of Zagreb,Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin, Croatia