From the Editor

  • Neven Vrček University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


The Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences – JIOS – is an interdisciplinary scientific journal with focus on application of information sciences and advances in organizational sciences, as well as on theoretical contemplations in the fields that impact information sciences, computer sciences and organizational sciences. JIOS is published twice a year. This issue comprises submitted papers along with those chosen among papers presented at the IIS 2007 Conference (recently renamed CECIIS) organized by the Faculty of Organization and Informatics.
JIOS has already undergone several changes of its name and layout. With this issue we introduce a new visual identity of the Journal as well as modified instructions to authors, to make it more aligned with contemporary standards in scientific journal publication. Further, the Journal has changed its web address and is managed by Open Journal System, where all communication from submitting the paper to reviewing and publishing is conducted on-line.
In this issue of JIOS a selection of six original scientific papers has been included covering the following topics: organizational design, digital divide in enterprises, management software and web portals evaluation, m-marketing and m-advertising, as well as the introduction of a shot boundary detection algorithm for soccer video. We hope you will find the papers interesting and challenging for your own research.
We are looking forward to new papers to be submitted in the future and comments of papers already published.
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