From the Editor

  • Neven Vrček University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


Dear authors, readers and future authors,

It is my pleasure to present you the 2nd number of the 36th volume of the Journal of Information andOrganizational Sciences – JIOS.

In this issue a selection of 3 original scientic papers, 3 preliminary communications and 1 surveypaper has been included, all of which have undergone a rigorous double-blind review process insome cases in several rounds.

As in prior issues of the Journal, this one also comprises papers that cover themes from various ICTelds and related areas: computer algorithms, ERP systems, business process analysis, and otherrelated themes. We hope that the variety of themes will draw the attention of researchers in dierentelds of information sciences and motivate potential authors to expand the Journal’s thematic scopeby other themes that may be of interest to the wider ICT research community. These themes motivatesus to continue our work of delivering research results to interested audience. We hope that many ofyou who will read the Journal will join us as authors, readers and reviewers and help us to fulll ourmission. The number of submitted papers increases every year giving us opportunity to increase thequality and visibility of JIOS.

I would like to use this opportunity to encourage prospective authors among you, dear readers, tosubmit papers at You are also invited to share with us your comments or criticalremarks regarding the papers previously published in the Journal. Further, we would appreciate yourwillingness to become a reviewer for submitted papers and thus contribute signicantly to the risingquality of JIOS.

So far JIOS has been indexed in nine well known databases. We are continuously investing a lot ofeort to extend the list of databases where JIOS would be cited, in order to make the publishedpapers available to a larger readers’ audience, and give your research a greater impact factor.

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