Factors of Knowledge Management and the impact of employee turnover in activity and performance in scientific and technological parks in Slovenia

  • Vasja Roblek University of Primorska Faculty of Management Koper
  • Zlatka Meško Štok University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Koper
  • Maja Meško University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Koper
  • Ivan Erenda TPV d.d.
Keywords: Employeeturnover, Knowledge management, Organizational culture, Technology parks


Technology parks provide infrastructure for the creation and developmentof knowledge-based organizations, which are associated with centers oftechnological excellence, mainly universities. This research addresses thequestion of management and skills acquisition in member organizations oftechnology parks in Slovenia. As means and lever for development organizations,we recognize the values and organizational culture, which cannot be achievedwithout employees who possess good knowledge. We associated knowledgemanagement with employee turnover factor. The central purpose of this researchis to focus on exploring the impact of movements in knowledge management on theturnover in organizations, which are members of technology parks. By usingmultivariate regression methods we confirmed that the required skills,knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer channels, have a statisticallysignificant effect on employee turnover in technology parks.