Knowledge Organization of Integrated Water Resources Management: A Case of Chi River Basin, Thailand

Nattapong Kaewboonma, Kulthida Tuamsuk, Wanida Kanarkard


This study is a part of the research project on the Development of an Ontology-Based Semantic Search for Integrated Water Resources Management of the Chi River Basin (CRB), Thailand. The study aimed at developing the knowledge domain of water resources management for CRB. The research methods included document analysis and qualitative research by adopting Liou (1990)’s knowledge acquisition approach. Fifteen experts including ten experts in the areas of environmental engineering, water resources engineering, and GIS, and seven government officers who has been involving with water management in the CRB were interviewed. The experts also took part in the processes of developing the knowledge domain, classifying, and structuring the knowledge for water resources management in the CRB.

The results of this research were the knowledge domain of water resource management for CRB. An example of the water resources management knowledge domain which was structuredby following concepts and processes of water resources management in Thailand is shown in this paper.


Water Resources Management; Knowledge Domain; Knowledge Acquisition; Knowledge Organization; Knowledge Model; Chi River Basin Thailand

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Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (Online)
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