Biometric System Vulnerability as a Compromising Factor for Integrity of Chain of Custody and Admissibility of Digital Evidence in Court of Justice: Analysis and Improvement Proposal

  • Zoran Cosic “STATHEROS”,d.o.o. Kaštel Stari, Split, Croatia
  • Jasmin Ćosić Ministry of the Interior of Una-sana canton ICT Section of Police Administration, Bihać,B&H
  • Miroslav Bača University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics Varaždin, Croatia
Keywords: biometrics, traits, characteristics, system digital evidence, chain of custody of digital evidence, chain of custody, digital forensic


Biometric systems play an important role in digital investigation process as a important factor of authentication and verification applications, since they are strongly linked to the holder of a biometric  traits  and  possible  suspect.  Thus  it  is  important  that  biometric  systems  can  be designed  to  withstand  attacks  when  employed  in  security-critical  applications,  especially  in unattended  remote  applications  such  as  energy  plants,  access  to  borders  at  airports,  ecommerce  etc.  Biometric  recognition  either  raises  important  legal  issues  of  remediation, authority,  and  reliability,  and,  of  course,  privacy.  The  standard  assumptions  of  the technologists  who  design  new  techniques,  capabilities,  and  systems  are  very  different  from those embedded in the legal  system.  Legal precedent on the  use of biometric technology is growing, with some key cases going back decades and other more recent cases having raised serious questions about the admissibility of biometric evidence in court. In this paper authors is about to explain influence of reliability of biometric system on general acceptance of digital evidence  in  Court  of  Justice  process.  Through  paper  authors  are  also  about  to  propose vulnerability assessment of biometric system as improvementfactor of reliability of existing methodology  for  preserving  chain  of  custody  of  digital  evidence  called  DEMF  (Digital Evidence Management Framework). Improvement proposal is presented as an introduction of phase  of  biometric  vulnerability  evaluation  methodology  within  proposedframework called APDEMF (Admissibility procedure of DEMF). Using UML (Universal Modeling Language) modeling  methodology  authors  are  about  to  represent  a  APDEMF  framework  which  will describe essential phases of the same process.