Awareness of Cloud Computing in Slovenian and Croatian Micro-Enterprises

  • Borut Werber Ph.F.
  • Marina Klačmer Čalopa Ph.D.
  • Igor Pihir Ph.D.
  • Anja Žnidaršič
Keywords: comparison, cloud computing, cloud computing services, micro-enterprise, Slovenia, Croatia


This paper presents a comparison of the two studies conducted in Slovenian and Croatian micro-enterprises (µE) about the awareness of the cloud computing (CC). We were interested in the issues relating to the characteristics of µE and the latter's use of information and communication technology (ICT) in business processes. Also, the characteristics of owners and µE were investigated. We found that the results obtained in the two countries were similar. In both cases, the most important CC characteristics were reliability, security and performance. Given that CC could represent a good business opportunity for µE, some managerial implications are proposed.

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B. Werber, M. Klačmer Čalopa, I. Pihir, and A. Žnidaršič, “Awareness of Cloud Computing in Slovenian and Croatian Micro-Enterprises”, JIOS, vol. 39, no. 1, Jul. 2015.