Information Technology in Small Medium Enterprise: Logistic and Production Processes

  • Maurizio Pighin Università di Udine - Italy
Keywords: small-medium enterprises, business information systems, production systems, logistic systems


This paper presents and discuss a survey which describes how small-medium
enterprises (SMEs) implement and use their information system with respect to their
logistic and production processes.
The study first describes the rationale of the research, then it identifies the
characteristics of the companies and detects their general attitude towards information
technology (IT). In the following section the paper presents a set of detailed processes
to verify the structure and workflow of companies and how IT supports their
processes. In the last part we study the influence of some company characteristics to
effective use of processes and to different technological approaches, to support
defined logistic and production processes.
The novelty of the study and its interest, both in academic and institutional context as
in the real world, resides in the opportunity to verify and understand the different
attitudes of SMEs towards information technology in defining, organizing, planning
and control their processes.

Author Biography

Maurizio Pighin, Università di Udine - Italy

Maurizio Pighin is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine, and  currently teaches  advanced courses of  Software Engineering and Information Systems.

His major research interests are in the area of Software Engineering and Information Systems

He worked particularly in Predictive Software Metrics, Automatic Test, Software Reuse and Human Resources Organization, Impact of data-quality on Data Warehouse and related decision-making process. He worked at  several national and  international  research and development projects in the area of Software Engineering and Information systems. He is a referee of various international journals and conferences.

He has been involved in the organization of some important events in the fields of Software Engineering and Information Systems.