From the Editor

  • Alen Lovrenčić University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin


Dear authors, reviewers and readers,

I am proud to introduce to you 39 (1) issue of the Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences.
I would like to thank all authors and reviewers for their efforts that make this issue possible to be published.

In this issue, you will find seven papers of respectable quality: five original scientific papers and two survey papers. The papers in this issue really affirm that this journal covers wide field of themes in information and organizational sciences from the neural networks and algorithms, through the knowledge management to the usage of ICT in the business.

Therefore, I hope that every reader will be able to find some paper that is interesting to him or her and close to the research field of his or her interest.

I wish you a pleasant reading.

Alen Lovrenčić

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