MATT: Multi Agents Testing Tool Based Nets within Nets

Sara Kerraoui, Yacine Kissoum, Mohammed Redjimi, Moussa Saker


Testing is a software development activity, devoted to evaluating product quality and improving it by identifying defects and problems. Concerning multi agent systems, testing is a challenging task, which asks for new testing techniques dealing with their specific nature. The techniques need to be effective and adequate to evaluate agent’s autonomous behaviors and build confidence in them.The "Model Based Testing" (MBT) is a technique particularly interested among  all existing  solutions  of   tests. This  latter is  based on a  system model, which produces  abstract  test cases. To run these last ones against systems under test,the abstract test cases have to be transformed to concrete ones.

As part of this effort, we propose a model based testing approach for multi agent systems based on such a model called Reference net, where a tool, which aims to providing a uniform and automated approach is developed. The feasibility and the advantage of the proposed approach are shown through a short case study.


Multi agent systems; Nets within nets; Reference nets; Renew; Model based testing.

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Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (Online)
ISSN 1846-9418 (online)
ISSN 1846-3312 (print)