Using Coevolution Genetic Algorithm with Pareto Principles to Solve Project Scheduling Problem under Duration and Cost Constraints

  • Alexandr Victorovich Budylskiy Astrakhan state technical university
  • Irina Kvyatkovskaya Yuryevna Astrakhan state technical university
Keywords: project, project management, project scheduling, multicriteria optimization, Pareto principles, genetic algorithm


This article considers the multicriteria optimization approach using the modified genetic algorithm to solve the project-scheduling problem under duration and cost constraints. The work contains the list of choices for solving this problem. The multicriteria optimization approach is justified here. The study describes the Pareto principles, which are used in the modified genetic algorithm. We identify the mathematical model of the project-scheduling problem. We introduced the modified genetic algorithm, the ranking strategies, the elitism approaches. The article includes the example.

Author Biography

Alexandr Victorovich Budylskiy, Astrakhan state technical university