Vol 36, No 1 (2012)

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Neven Vrček
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Neven Vrček


Use of Concept Lattices for Data Tables with Different Types of Attributes PDF
Peter Butka, Jozef Pocs, Jana Pocsova
Portable reflection for C++ with the Mirror library PDF
Matus Chochlik
Classification of Hydro Chemical Data in the Reduced Dimensional Space PDF
Jasminka Dobša, Petr Praus, Aswani Kumar Cherukuri, Pavel Praks
Utilizing GPGPU in Computer Emulation PDF
Peter Jakubco, Slavomir Simonak
Automated motive-based user review analysis in the context of mobile app acceptance: Opportunities and applications PDF
Elisabeth Pergler
Adapting hierarchical clustering distance measures for improved presentation of relationships between transaction elements PDF
Mihaela Vranić, Damir Pintar, Dragan Gamberger


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